Darrell Doudt

President, OSDAA

Darrell Doudt, departed Class ''81, has been employed by the U.S. Government for 32 years. In addition to OSDAA, he actively involved as an advocate for Ohio Citizens for Deaf Cultures. He also is active with other organizations.  Darrell is proud to be the third generation of his Deaf family to be involved with OSDAA, and is married to fellow OSD Priscilla. Together, they have three Deaf children, Joshua, Calvin & Jacquelyn and four grandchildren. They have visited 40 states on their motorcycles, and plan visit the remaining 10.  Darrell admires Henry Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi, who said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."


Elwin Babb

Vice President

OSD graduate in 1974, Elwin attended NTID/RIT and earned the degree in 1976. He worked for NASA  for three years  and half. Then, he worked at Lincoln Electric Co. for 35 years before he retired.  He is a member of The Cleveland Association of the Deaf and has held various positions as officers for many years. He's still involved with the Deaf Advocacy Committee for the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. He is currently chair of the OSDAA Finance Committee. 


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Tom Penny


Tom Penny is retired from his career as a financial specialist with the U.S. Department of Defense. A Rochester Institute of Technology/National Technical Institute for the Deaf graduate, Tom has been involved with local, regional, and national Deaf athletic organizations both as a player and as a board member. He is now an advocate for local non-profit organizations. The father to five children, four Deaf, Tom is especially proud of American Sign Language. He and his wife, Mary, often use Yelp! to find new restaurants specializing in home-cooked meals

Richard Penny

Board Member

Richard has lived in Columbus area his whole life. After graduating from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Richard worked for over 38 years as a programmer analyst at Columbus State Community College before retiring. He serves as a board member for both the OSD Athletic Booster Club and OSDAA, and also is the Event Coordinator and Law/Policy Chairperson for OSDAA. Richard is married to Jolene, and they have three sons and one granddaughter. He is from an all-Deaf family and has many Deaf relatives throughout Indiana and Ohio. Richard enjoys traveling and plans to visit several countries.

Ronald Patterson

Board Member

Ronald was raised by deaf parents whose attended East Town Street OSD.  He was in Class of '67.  After graduating, he worked as printer for the Pittsburgh Press/Post-Gazette for 36 years.  He was involved with Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf (PSAD), Pittsburgh Chapter President and was on Board of PSAD.  He and his wife, Judy, returned to Ohio in 2015 and currently on the Board Member, running for the second term, Chairperson for Award/Scholarship committee and Special Team for the development committee on CCH 1 improvement.  

Robert Blessing

Board Member

Robert “Bobby” Blessing was raised by Deaf parents in Toledo. After graduating from OSD, he relocated to Columbus and worked at Limited Inc. He loves sports, especially basketball, baseball, flag football and soccer and has hosted basketball, softball, and bowling tournaments for the Columbus Association for the Deaf the past 30 years. He also has chaired other events. His wife Sandra and he have raised three children; in his free time, he enjoys golf and spending time on his 1967 Pontiac Firebird.

Richard Huebner

Board Member

Richard graduated from OSD in 1963 and was employed at Columbus Dispatch in Composing Room until his retirement. 
He was a Board member from 1981 to 1983 then became President from 1983 to 2017. He still continue as a Board Member. 
He was involved with many boards and committees with different organization. Expanded CCEC to 50 beds and therapy room.  Also expanded CCH II to 49 Units.  He raised funds to build Exhibition Hall, 230 seat theatre and home office, you will find only one of a kind in the country.

Joshua Doudt

Board Member

Joshua Doudt is currently Elementary & Middle School Principal for Ohio School for the Deaf. Joshua moved Columbus in August 2018 with his wife, Emilia, and two daughters, Luci and Hanna. Joshua spent most of his childhood at Ohio and attending different deaf events with his parents and 2 siblings. When Joshua is not busy, you can find him enjoying his time with families, watching movies, reading books, or play computer games. 

Board Member

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